Community Development

The Community Development Department implements the goals of adopted plans to guide community growth while separating incompatible uses, supports citizen's advisory boards such as the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Parks & Recreation Committee, and issues Zoning Compliance Permits for construction projects and enforces zoning and subdivision regulations.

Building Something?

If you have any upcoming projects review the Building Something? page before proceeding.


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Planning and Zoning Commission

- View the current meeting agenda and agenda packet or listen to the audio - Roster

Public Hearing comments must be received by 5 p.m. 15 days before the regular meeting in order to be considered by staff and discussed at the packet review work session. Submit comments on a public hearing case.

Parks and Recreation Committee

- View the current meeting agenda and agenda packet or listen to the audio - Roster

The Kodiak Island Borough Parks & Recreation Committee announces that the Kodiak Road System Trails User Guide is available at the Community Development Department, Room 205. This guide identifies public hiking, biking, and ATV trails on the road system and in the Kodiak Urban Area. It identifies 17B Easements, approved salmon stream crossings, and discusses general trail etiquette. These Kodiak Road System Trails User Guides are free and are meant to be used.

Please be good stewards of the land and responsible users. Also, use of private land is considered trespass if not on a 17B Easement. Be courteous and contact landowners should you want to utilize private lands.

To report a code Violation or abandoned/junk vehicle on Borough Property, please call (907)486-9364.