Real Property

Real property consists of the interests, benefits, and rights inherent in the ownership of physical real estate which includes the physical land and everything permanently attached to it.

In 2008 a computer-assisted mass appraisal program was purchased allowing the Assessing department to better track property characteristics and to apply this information to market valuation. A borough-wide property assessment review began in 2010 and was concluded in 2013. The primary objective of the borough-wide assessment review is to have property assessment equity throughout the entire borough to ensure fair and equitable taxation.

At the conclusion of the property assessment review, a three-year inspection cycle of all properties on the road system and five-year inspection cycle of all remote properties began. The computer-assisted mass appraisal program makes market adjustments each year based on vagaries of the market which will result in a slight increase or decrease to assessed values. For this reason, assessments can fluctuate up or down on an annual basis.

Notices of assessed value are mailed to the last known owner of record on February 28, or February 29 in the case of a leap year, each tax year. Please click here if you disagree with your assessed value.

For an overview of assessment policies and procedures, please read "A Citizens Guide to Property Assessments."