Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan Update

The KIB Parks & Recreation Committee recently completed a recreational preferences survey of people in Kodiak. The survey was open for 45 days and had 381 respondents overall, with an average age of 43 years old and  a median age of 41 years old. A summary of the data collected can be found below:

Survey Synthesis Charts 1

Survey Synthesis Charts 2

Survey Synthesis Charts 3

Project Timeline

The Committee expects to work on this project over a 24 month period according to the schedule below.  The Committee began work on the update during the summer of 2018.

24 Month Process:

  • Phase 1 - Data Collection (2 Months)
  • Phase 2 - Data Analysis and Preparation (2 Months)
  • Phase 3 - Public Outreach and Visioning (4 Months)
  • Phase 4 - Processing Stakeholder Input (4 Months)
  • Phase 5 - Plan Finalization (8 Months)
  • Phase 6 - Follow-up and Implementation Activities (4 Months)

For any questions about the project, please feel free to attend a Parks & Recreation Meeting held on the last Tuesday of every month or email