Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan Update

Parks and Recreation Areas Map

Please note: This map is for informational use only. Please check with property owners for any use restrictions.

Although the community has seen several recreation-related plans over the past several decades, the Kodiak Island Borough’s Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Plan has not been updated since it was adopted in 1981. The Parks & Recreation Committee is now working to update the plan and welcomes questions and comments from the public at any time throughout the process.

Project Timeline

The Committee expects to work on this project over a 24 month period according to the schedule below.  The Committee began work on the update during the summer of 2018.

24 Month Process:

  • Phase 1 - Data Collection (2 Months)
  • Phase 2 - Data Analysis and Preparation (2 Months)
  • Phase 3 - Public Outreach and Visioning (4 Months)
  • Phase 4 - Processing Stakeholder Input (4 Months)
  • Phase 5 - Plan Finalization (8 Months)
  • Phase 6 - Follow-up and Implementation Activities (4 Months)

For any questions about the project, please feel free to attend a Parks & Recreation Meeting held on the last Tuesday of every month or email