Resource Management

Resource Management Office

The Resource Management Office is located in the Manager’s Department. This office is primarily responsible for managing borough land and resources in accordance with the requirements of KIBC Title 18, Borough Real Property. This title addresses real property acquisition, real property disposal, sale of borough land, trespass, leasing of real property, permits, material sales, timber sales, and exchanges of real property.

Borough Land and Property

The office manages a portfolio of 27 leases for land, buildings, and office spaces. The borough typically leases office space to local non-profits, municipalities, and other partner agencies. Of the nearly 56,500 acres of borough entitlement lands received from the State of Alaska upon incorporation, about 20,000 acres remain in borough ownership on the road system and northern Kodiak Island Archipelago. Municipal entitlement lands are intended to provide newly formed boroughs with a land base upon which to develop public facilities and to be used for other purposes such as recreation, disposal for private development, and habitat.

The borough’s management philosophy for land remaining in the municipal entitlement is similar to a land trust, wherein the land is managed to the benefit of all borough residents.

The borough endeavors to hold periodic land sales to meet the needs of the public. The last land sale was held in the Spring of 2014 (FY2015). The next land sale has not yet been scheduled, pending the initiation of the Borough Lands Committee which will review potential offerings and make disposal recommendations to the staff and borough assembly.