Board Vacancies and Application

Available Seats

Applications are being accepted for the following seats:

Boards, Committees, and Commissions

  • Architectural/Engineering Review Board - 3 Seats, 1 School Board Representative Seat
  • Citizens Board of Equalization - 1 Seat
  • Consolidation Committee - 2 At Large Seats, 1 City Government Representative Seat, 1 Borough 2nd Class City Village Representative Alternate Seat
  • Parks and Recreation Committee - 4 Seats, 1 School District Representative Seat
  • Solid Waste Advisory Board - 1 seat

Service Area Boards

  • Bayview Service Area Board - 1 Seat
  • Monashka Bay Road Service Area Board2 Seats 
  • Trinity Island Streetlight Service Area Board3 Seats
  • Womens Bay Service Area Board - 2 Seats
  • Woodland Acres Streetlight Service Area Board 3 Seats


In addition to any other qualifications required by borough code, members: 
  1. Shall be a qualified voter of the borough; and
  2. Shall remain a resident of the borough while in office. 
  3. Service Area Board applicants must be residents of the service area. (*except for the Airport Fire Protection.) 
All boards and committees serve in an advisory capacity to the Assembly. If you are interested in serving on one or more of these boards you may fill out the online application. Please call the Borough Clerk's Office at (907) 486-9310 for any questions.