Service Area Boards


The following service areas were established by the Assembly or by petitions. The purpose of each service area board is to supervise the furnishing of special services within a service area.

All service area boards are subjected to the provisions of Kodiak Island Borough Code Title 4.

Membership Qualifications

Members of service area boards, with the exclusion of Mission Lake Tidegate Service Area Board, are elected by the qualified voters within the service area at a regular election unless applications are being accepted to fill a vacancy for a remaining unexpired term. The term of each member of a board is three years.

In addition to any other qualifications, members shall be:

  • Qualified to vote within the Borough
  • A resident of the service area

Current Vacancies

Vacancies may occur throughout the year, either through the expiration of a member's term of through a member's resignation, and applications for service area boards are accepted at any time by the Clerk's Office. Applications are held for one year for consideration. Find more information about each service area board below:

Airport Fire Protection AreaRosterDescription
Bay View Road Service AreaRosterDescription
Fire Protection Area No. 1RosterDescription
Mission Lake Tidegate Service AreaRosterDescription
Monashka Bay Road Service AreaRosterDescription
Service Area No. 1RosterDescription
Service Area No. 2RosterDescription
Trinity Islands Street Lights Service AreaRosterDescription
Woodland Acres Street Lights Service AreaRosterDescription
Womens Bay Service AreaRosterDescription