Absentee Voting Information

The following absentee voting options are available for the Kodiak Island Borough local election:

Absentee By Mail Voting

The absentee by mail ballot application process for the October 3, 2023, Election is open. The application forms are available for download here in English and Filipino.

Early Voting or Absentee In Person Voting

Early voting is available in the Borough Clerk's Office at 710 Mill Bay Road 15 days before each election. 
Absentee Voting is available in select absentee voting locations 15 days before each election up to the day of the election. 

Personal Representative Voting

Any person with a disability who, because of that disability, is unable to go to a polling place to vote may vote a personal representative ballot, or the voter may, through a representative, request a personal representative ballot from the clerk or an absentee voting official 15 days before an election, up to and including the day before the date of the election, or from an election precinct voting official on Election Day.

Please note that the above information for absentee voting  applies to the Kodiak Island Borough municipal elections only. For information regarding Elections conducted by the State of Alaska, please visit the State of Alaska website at www.elections.alaska.gov.

To review the Kodiak Island Borough Code pertaining to absentee voting, visit: Kodiak Island Borough Code Chapter 7.50 Absentee Voting