The Borough Clerk's Office is responsible for administering the local municipal elections. The regular Borough election is held on the first Tuesday in October of each year to elect members to the Borough Mayor, Borough Assembly, School Board, and Service Area Boards.

Voter registration is administered by the State Division of Elections. In order to be a qualified voter of the Borough, you must be registered to vote for an election not less than 30 days prior to the election. A voter must also re-register if the individual has changed residence to another precinct or jurisdiction.

The October 2, 2018 Election Pamphlet is available in the Borough Clerk's Office, 710 Mill Bay Rd. Room 234. To view the electronic version, click here.

Click here to access the 2018 Municipal Election Calendar.

The Regular Municipal Election was held on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

To view the 2018 Unofficial Municipal Election results, click here.