Road Service Area Guidelines


Residential areas within the Borough are broken down into different road service areas. These areas are governed by Road Service Area (RSA) boards. The chairperson for each of these boards follows the guidelines listed below:

Call-Outs to Contractors

Contractors are required to maintain contact with RSA Chairpersons. No work is done to the roads within the service areas unless they are called out by the RSA Chairpersons. Weather, traffic and road surface conditions dictate which roads are maintained at any given time. Not every road requires maintenance each time the contractors are contacted to provide maintenance.

Snow Plowing

The RSA Chairs are responsible for calling out the contractors for snow removal. Although there is no standard snow depth determination when removal should be done, our attempt is to have the priority roads cleared before 8 a.m. After a snowfall, it can take up to 48 hours to complete snow removal. Priority roads are as follows: school bus routes, primary roads, and then subdivision roads.

Driveway Snow Berms

Contract grader operators try to minimize the size of the snow berms across driveways, but it is the property owner’s responsibility to have it removed. Residents are not allowed to plow snow into the roadways.


Road sanding is done for safety considerations in areas such as intersections, steep hills, and curves.

Dust Control

Calcium chloride is applied during the spring and fall seasons and is added to roads with high-traffic travel. The application of calcium chloride is performed through the contractor awarded the maintenance contract.

Subdivision Assessment Districts

The Kodiak Island Borough through the Assessing Department and the RSA Boards offers residents the opportunity to improve/pave subdivision roads through the Assessment District process. For more information on this program, see KIBC Chapter 4.40 or please contact the Assessing or E/F Departments or your RSA Board Chairperson.