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Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement Officer works with the Community Development Department, Engineering and Facilities Department, and the Resource Management Officer to enforce:

The Code Enforcement Officer investigates any report or observation of a violation that negatively impacts public health and safety and is treated with priority.

Violations are addressed on a complaint basis and require a signed Violation Complaint Form to ensure its investigation.

How do I file a complaint?
  • Fill out the Violation Complaint Form with the location and a detailed description of the violation observed.
  • Sign the form and bring it to Room 205 at the Borough building. You may also email or mail it to the above listed contact information.
  • All signed complaints are investigated and if a violation exists, the appropriate enforcement action is taken to ensure the violation is corrected. To keep you updated, you will receive copies of all correspondence related to the enforcement action taken.
  • Please note that correcting violations can be a timely process. Every effort is made to work with violators to eliminate violations and avoid taking legal action and implementing fines or other code prescribed penalties. 

A signed Violation Complaint Form is required for a complaint to be investigated.

Any report of a violation that negatively impacts public health and safety will be investigated as soon as possible. All other complaints will be prioritized based on their seriousness and investigated accordingly.

Contact Us
Neil Horn
Code Enforcement Officer

710 Mill Bay Rd.
Rm. 205
Kodiak, AK 99615

Ph: (907) 486-9364
Fax: (907) 486-9396
Cell: (907) 539-1475