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Map Center
Kodiak Island Borough GIS and Map Center
Kodiak Island Borough GIS and Map Center is responsible for providing quality service to Borough staff and the public by managing and making information available about lands and associated resources that are located within Borough boundaries. Much of this information is available through the online Map Center.

Kodiak Island Borough uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manage this information. Kodiak Island Borough has used GIS and computer-aided drafting technology since the mid 1980s. 

Kodiak Island Borough GIS and Map Center staff create, manage, update and publish:

  • Addresses: Kodiak Island Borough GIS maintains all physical addresses within the Kodiak Island Borough and the City of Kodiak per KIB Code, Section 15.40 Building Numbering. Contact Kodiak Island Borough GIS to request more information about addressing or to submit an addressing request.
  • GIS data: Kodiak Island Borough publishes it's GIS data as an Esri file geodatabase, and can be downloaded here. Esri's ArcGIS is required to view the data. Database updated November 24th, 2015.
  • Maps: Kodiak Island Borough GIS publishes paper maps (available for purchase, at cost), digital maps (available for download) and online maps. Please see Kodiak Island Borough Maps section below to view available maps. 

Kodiak Island Borough Maps

Online Maps
Online maps are in interactive way to access information about Kodiak Island Borough land ownership, assessed property value, zoning, aerial photography and Master Title Plats. Please read the disclaimer before viewing online maps. By clicking on the links below, you agree to disclaimer terms and conditions:

We have provided helpful instructions for getting the most out of the online map. 

Digital Maps
Digital maps can be viewed onscreen and/or downloaded. Click on links below to view and download digital maps or visit the Available Maps page.

Maps of the Kodiak Island Borough (Updated October 2015)

Address Maps (Updated June 2015)

Map Books (Updated June 2015)

Zoning Maps (Updated November 2015)

Emergency Preparedness (Updated June 2015)

Bathymetric Topo Map, two sizes

Marine Topo Map, two sizes


Paper Maps
The Bathymetric Topo and Marine Topo maps are available for purchase from the Kodiak Island Borough through the Cashiers Office (Room 104). 

All other digital maps listed above can be printed upon request and sold at cost. Please email Kodiak Island Borough GIS at to request this service.

Contact Us
Community Development Dept

710 Mill Bay Rd.
Kodiak, AK 99615

Ph: (907) 486-9363
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