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Road Maintenance
Road maintenance within the borough is provided through the establishment of Road Service Areas. Road Service Areas are governed by a board of directors elected by service area residents and supported by the Borough Engineering & Facilities Department staff. The board develops a budget and a work plan for each fiscal year and makes recommendations to the Borough Assembly based upon input received from the E/F Department and service area residents. The Road Service Area Board chairpersons assist with citizen complaints and oversee that proper service maintenance is provided to each service area.  

Service Maintenance Provided
Summer Maintenance
  • Minor road repairs
  • Grading
  • Dust control
  • Right-of-way vegetation clearing
  • Sign installation
  • Ditch clearing and drainage control
Winter Maintenance
  • Snow plowing
  • Sanding
Maintenance work is all contracted to local contractors.

    Service Area Maps
 Bayview Road Service Area Map  Monashka Bay Road Service Area Map
 Service Area No. 1 Map  Womens Bay Road Service Area Map
    Please note that maps may be slow to open due to their file size.

Report an Issue
To report issues in your area, please contact your Road Service Area Chairperson: